West Valley 2024 Theme

Exalting Christ. Proclaiming Truth. Touching Lives.

Discover what church is meant to be

Exalting Christ is not just a phrase. It is the very foundation of our ministry, so that every act of service, every dollar given, every song that is sung and message that is preached point to Jesus Christ. It is for this reason that the truth is proclaimed without apology of Who Christ is, His great love for us, and what His will is for us today. It is only then, when Christ has truly touched our lives, that we can make any lasting difference in the life of another. So, imagine walking into a church where you would be greeted with a friendly smile, sing the wonderful melodies of Christ-honoring music, and hear a Scripture filled message that encouraged and challenged your heart. That church is West Valley Baptist Church.

God has given Pastor Gerbitz a heart for people. He is a wonderful, caring pastor and Bible teacher.

Located in beautiful Woodland, California, West Valley is a church with a heart for its community.

Thinking about stopping by for a visit? We want everyone to feel welcome to our services!

Truth For A World Seeking Answers

Discover what is not easily found

Truth is not easily found in today's society. From endless advertising promises to political speeches, real truth seems to be lacking. We want truth. We want honesty. Fortunately, we can know truth. Jesus said that He was the Truth and Life. We invite you, while trying to decipher what is real or not, to come learn of real truth. This is truth you can rely on – truth only found in God's Word.